Assistant Radiation Safety Officer

Opening Date : Aug 28, 2019
Expiry Date : Sep 28, 2019
Number of positions : 1
Country : Philippines
Location :
Years of Experience : 5


Education : Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate

Scope and Responsibilities:
  • Serve as the licensee's liaison officer with the Philippine Nuclear
  • Research Institute on matters affecting the safety of licensed activities.
  • Maintains control of procurement and disposal of licensed material.
  • Develops and maintains up-to-date operating and emergency procedures.
  • Establishes and maintains personnel monitoring program.
  • Coordinates in procuring and maintaining radiation survey instruments.
  • Establishes and maintains the training program for radiographers and radiographer's assistants.
  • Examines and determines competency of radiographic personnel.
  • Establishes and maintains storage facilities.
  • Maintains radiography facilities, exposure devices, and associated equipment. Establishes and maintains a leak-testing program.
  • Establishes and maintains an internal inspection program. Performs source replacement operations.
  • Conducts quarterly inventories and maintain utilization logs. Establishes a survey instrument calibration program.
  • Establishes and maintain the licensee's record-keeping system. Well maintained records
  • Establishes emergency response plan and assume control in emergency situations.
  • Investigates the cause of incidents, determine and institute necessary corrective action.
  • Advises licensee's management and radiography personnel on radiation protection matters.
  • Establishes a procedure for evaluating and reporting defects and noncompliance pursuant to PNRI regulations.
  • Establishes and implement security measures.
  • Performs and maintains records for decontamination procedures, radioactive waste storage, and disposal.
  • Prepares all radioactive materials departing from institution and ensure leak tests are performed upon receipt of radioactive materials.
  • Devices a plan to remedy the emergency problems making sure that no individual will receive a radiation dose that is over what is required by existing laws and regulations.
Qualifications and Experiences:
Minimum Qualifications:
  • College or Technical/Vocational Course graduate
  • Certified in Non-Destructive Testing – RT Level 2
  • With valid PNRI Certificate
  • Good communication skills
  • Team player and excellent in decision making
Minimum Experience:
  • At least five (5) years experience in radiographic testing in oil & gas/petrochemical industries.
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