Inventory Encoder

Opening Date : Oct 1, 2019
Expiry Date : Nov 1, 2019
Number of positions : 3
Country : Philippines
Location :
Years of Experience : 2


Education : Bachelor's / College Degree

Scope and Responsibilities:
  • Encoding of the following: issued move order requests, tool requisition slips, all materials recovered from Recovery/clean up project, fuel issuances, and inventory goods receipts.
  • Scan and filing of encoded mover order requests.
  • Scan and transmittal of good receipts to Finance Department.
  • Encoding of used tools and maintain monitoring of issued tools to requesters.
  • Checks and validates P.O, Delivery Receipts, Packing Lists and Invoices of received/delivered materials before entering encoding receipt information in the system.
  • Does real-time recording/transacting of issuance and reports.
  • Encodes mill cert no. and heat no. in the Weld Management System
  • Encodes received materials in the required inventory system such as but not limited to Oracle, AG&P and Customer Supplied systems.
  • Transact and encodes issued materials through Move Order in the Oracle System.
  • Transfer materials from one location to another location in the Oracle System.
  • Encodes and monitor diesel consumptions of different departments for monitoring purposes.
  • Prepares summary of deliveries on a daily basis. Reports discrepancies for materials received with variances; prepares goods returned to supplier (GRS) for materials to be returned to the supplier.
  • Assists in cycle counting.
  • Prepares the Notification for Inspection for all materials delivered; submits NFI to Quality Control
  • Does other Warehouse duties as may be assigned from time to time.
Qualifications and Experiences:
Minimum Qualifications:
  • College graduate
Minimum Experience:
  • At least two (2) year of experience in warehousing/store works.
  • Knowledgeable in ERP Systems, specifically/preferably in Oracle.
  • Proficient in MS Office applications like MS Excel, MS Word, etc.
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