Welding Engineer

Opening Date : Oct 31, 2019
Expiry Date : Dec 1, 2019
Number of positions : 1
Country : Philippines
Location :
Years of Experience : 5


Education : Bachelor's / College Degree

Scope and Responsibilities:
  • Reviews project specifications, identifies project welding requirements and applicable codes and standard requirements, Gap Analysis, Checklist and conduct gap analysis as necessary for bidding and awarded projects.
  • Prepares Welding Procedure Qualification test (PQT) and Welders Qualification test (WQT) plan and schedule based on customer PQT/WQT Plan and schedule specification requirements.
  • Prepares Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Procedure Qualification Record (PQR), WPS Index, Heat Treatment Instruction Sheet (HTIS) and Weld Repair Procedure intended for the project. Also prepares Qualified Welders List (QWL), Welders Qualification Records (WQR), and welders IDs.   
  • Conducts Welding Procedure Qualification Test (PQT) and Welders Qualification Test (WQT) as required in the awarded projects and for future projects.   
  • Prepares the welders, welding tools, equipment, and consumables to be used in PQT/WQT.           
  • Prepares PQT/WQT specimen  and  coordinates at  outside mechanical testing laboratories for required tests.    
  • Reviews and evaluates mechanical test results. Prepares WPS and PQR  if  the  result  is  acceptable  and  submits  to  customer  for approval.               
  • Conducts surveillance inspection at the production as needed
  • Provides technical assistance to Estimating re PQT/WQT estimates for bidding and project costing.         
  • Monitors  PWHT  of  welded  low  alloy  and  carbon  steel  pipes, pressure  vessels  and heavy  wall  steel  structure based  on applicable   codes   and   standards   and   project   specification requirements.                       
  • Assists Business Dev. in answering welding related questionnaires and checklist of prospective clients. 
  • Prepares work procedures and instructions related to welding as required by the project.           
  • Performs other duties that may be assigned from time to time.
Qualifications and Experiences:
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Engineering graduate
  • Preferably Licensed Engineer
  • Certified Welding Engineer from an acknowledged international organization
  • Has undergone training for welding engineering, welding inspection and non-destructive testing.
Minimum Experience:
  • At least five (5) years of experience in the field of welding engineering & technology, including the preparation of welding procedures, conducting procedure qualification tests, evaluation of results based on codes and standards in an oil & gas/petrochemical industries.
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